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About Fenix

Captivating an audience is usually a daunting task. It requires a lot of attention, focus and determination. It also requires the person to be enchanting and beautiful on the outer layer, deep down to our very inner pores. It is a difficult thing to maintain beauty, when there are no basic foundations to begin with and many skin problems such as acne, rosacea, and even the dreaded immune disease lupus.

Our founder and CEO, Bill Bakho, suffered from skin sensitivities and allergies. He tried many skin care lines and after going through numerous products, never able to find one brand that would suit his skin sensitivity. Bill sought to start a skin care line that began with a foundation for great skin and benefiting people with the most severe type of skin sensitivities such as himself.

The birth of fenix cosmetics came in 1999, where he developed a sunscreen for a friend that suffered from lupus and would benefit those with severe skin sensitivities. After 15 years, fenix has become a brand that is endorsed by some of the top dermatologist, doctors, plastic surgeons and celebrities around the world.